The Red Green Show

The Red Green Show

CDN 1991–2006

The Red Green Show

Staffel 1

11.01The Big Inboard 01.01.1991The Big Inboard01.01.1991
21.02The Elvis Sighting 01.01.1991The Elvis Sighting01.01.1991
31.03The UFO 01.01.1991The UFO01.01.1991
41.04The Treasure Hunt 01.01.1991The Treasure Hunt01.01.1991
51.05Practical Joke Week 01.01.1991Practical Joke Week01.01.1991
61.06Home Barber Kit 01.01.1991Home Barber Kit01.01.1991
71.07He-Man Contest 01.01.1991He-Man Contest01.01.1991
81.08Guest Elephant 01.01.1991Guest Elephant01.01.1991
91.09Exotic Dancer 01.01.1991Exotic Dancer01.01.1991
101.10Lost Toupee 01.01.1991Lost Toupee01.01.1991
111.11Talent Show 01.01.1991Talent Show01.01.1991
121.12Problem Outhouse 01.01.1991Problem Outhouse01.01.1991
131.13Whittling Contest 01.01.1991Whittling Contest01.01.1991
141.14Wind-Powered Boat 01.01.1991Wind-Powered Boat01.01.1991
151.15Hot Water Bottle 01.01.1991Hot Water Bottle01.01.1991
161.16Lodge Visitor 01.01.1991Lodge Visitor01.01.1991
171.17Gun Powder Shakes 01.01.1991Gun Powder Shakes01.01.1991
181.18Safety Week 01.01.1991Safety Week01.01.1991
191.19Bad Chili 01.01.1991Bad Chili01.01.1991
201.20Water Tower 01.01.1991Water Tower01.01.1991
211.21Jet-Ski 01.01.1991Jet-Ski01.01.1991
221.22New Well 01.01.1991New Well01.01.1991
231.23Canoe Jousting 01.01.1991Canoe Jousting01.01.1991
241.24Water Slide 01.01.1991Water Slide01.01.1991

Staffel 2

252.01The Putter Attack 01.01.1992The Putter Attack01.01.1992
262.02Doc’s Loan 01.01.1992Doc’s Loan01.01.1992
272.03Missing 01.01.1992Missing01.01.1992
282.04The Receipt-A-Thon 01.01.1992The Receipt-A-Thon01.01.1992
292.05The Sing Along Machine 01.01.1992The Sing Along Machine01.01.1992
302.06Bear!!! 01.01.1992Bear!!!01.01.1992
312.07The Bad Check-Up 01.01.1992The Bad Check-Up01.01.1992
322.08The Four-Man Raft 01.01.1992The Four-Man Raft01.01.1992
332.09Skeet Golf 01.01.1992Skeet Golf01.01.1992
342.10The Broken Water Pump 01.01.1992The Broken Water Pump01.01.1992
352.11The Illegal Clubs 01.01.1992The Illegal Clubs01.01.1992
362.12Animals In The Attic 01.01.1992Animals In The Attic01.01.1992
372.13The Party Boat Sank 01.01.1992The Party Boat Sank01.01.1992
382.14The Food Club 01.01.1992The Food Club01.01.1992
392.15The Fish Locator 01.01.1992The Fish Locator01.01.1992
402.16The Bent Canoe 01.01.1992The Bent Canoe01.01.1992
412.17Job Security 01.01.1992Job Security01.01.1992
422.18Noel’s Stag 01.01.1992Noel’s Stag01.01.1992
432.19Bob’s Birthday 01.01.1992Bob’s Birthday01.01.1992
442.20The Sudsy Lake 01.01.1992The Sudsy Lake01.01.1992
452.21The Gun Mishap 01.01.1992The Gun Mishap01.01.1992
462.22The Double Date 01.01.1992The Double Date01.01.1992
472.23The Florida Trip 01.01.1992The Florida Trip01.01.1992
482.24Not One Fish 01.01.1992Not One Fish01.01.1992

Staffel 3

493.01Maple Syrup 01.01.1993Maple Syrup01.01.1993
503.02Car Pool 01.01.1993Car Pool01.01.1993
513.03The Spawning Grounds 01.01.1993The Spawning Grounds01.01.1993
523.04Magnetic Lake 01.01.1993Magnetic Lake01.01.1993
533.05Underground Parking 01.01.1993Underground Parking01.01.1993
543.06The Tanks We Get 01.01.1993The Tanks We Get01.01.1993
553.07Fire Brigade 01.01.1993Fire Brigade01.01.1993
563.08The New Shirt/Casino 01.01.1993The New Shirt/Casino01.01.1993
573.09Green Green 01.01.1993Green Green01.01.1993
583.10Fuel Conversion 01.01.1993Fuel Conversion01.01.1993
593.11The Hidden Mine 01.01.1993The Hidden Mine01.01.1993
603.12Lake Regulations 01.01.1993Lake Regulations01.01.1993
613.13Cross The Lake Race 01.01.1993Cross The Lake Race01.01.1993
623.14The Salmon Parade 01.01.1993The Salmon Parade01.01.1993
633.15The Funniest Video 01.01.1993The Funniest Video01.01.1993
643.16Biosphere Three 01.01.1993Biosphere Three01.01.1993
653.17The Water Park 01.01.1993The Water Park01.01.1993
663.18The Used Helicopter 01.01.1993The Used Helicopter01.01.1993
673.19Possum Lake Regatta 01.01.1993Possum Lake Regatta01.01.1993
683.20The Retirement Home 01.01.1993The Retirement Home01.01.1993
693.21Slingshot Skiing 01.01.1993Slingshot Skiing01.01.1993
703.22The Possum Olympics 01.01.1993The Possum Olympics01.01.1993
713.23Possum Lake Monster 01.01.1993Possum Lake Monster01.01.1993
723.24The Water Show 01.01.1993The Water Show01.01.1993

Staffel 4

734.01The Beef Project 01.01.1994The Beef Project01.01.1994
744.02The Owl Project 01.01.1994The Owl Project01.01.1994
754.03The Beer Project 01.01.1994The Beer Project01.01.1994
764.04The Firewood Project 01.01.1994The Firewood Project01.01.1994
774.05The Hydrogen Project 01.01.1994The Hydrogen Project01.01.1994
784.06The Schoolhouse Project 01.01.1994The Schoolhouse Project01.01.1994
794.07The Firefly Project 01.01.1994The Firefly Project01.01.1994
804.08The Badger Project 01.01.1994The Badger Project01.01.1994
814.09The Conveyor Project 01.01.1994The Conveyor Project01.01.1994
824.10The Electrical Project 01.01.1994The Electrical Project01.01.1994
834.11The Storm Damage Project 01.01.1994The Storm Damage Project01.01.1994
844.12The Marine Show Project 01.01.1994The Marine Show Project01.01.1994
854.13The Silver Project 01.01.1994The Silver Project01.01.1994
864.14The Ski & Golf Project 01.01.1994The Ski & Golf Project01.01.1994
874.15The Auction Project 01.01.1994The Auction Project01.01.1994
884.16The Rustproofing Project 01.01.1994The Rustproofing Project01.01.1994
894.17The Movie Project 01.01.1994The Movie Project01.01.1994
904.18The Painted Leaves Project 01.01.1994The Painted Leaves Project01.01.1994
914.19The Real Estate Project 01.01.1994The Real Estate Project01.01.1994
924.20The Stuck Truck Project 01.01.1994The Stuck Truck Project01.01.1994
934.21The Group Photo Project 01.01.1994The Group Photo Project01.01.1994
944.22The Guard Dog Project 01.01.1994The Guard Dog Project01.01.1994
954.23The Mt. Rushmore Project 01.01.1994The Mt. Rushmore Project01.01.1994
964.24The Catfish Project 01.01.1994The Catfish Project01.01.1994

Staffel 5

975.01Men’s Night On The Mountain 01.01.1995Men’s Night On The Mountain01.01.1995
985.02The Driving Test 01.01.1995The Driving Test01.01.1995
995.03The Satellite Dish 01.01.1995The Satellite Dish01.01.1995
1005.04Father and Son Banquet 01.01.1995Father and Son Banquet01.01.1995
1015.05The New Doctor 01.01.1995The New Doctor01.01.1995
1025.06The Vertical Grandstand 01.01.1995The Vertical Grandstand01.01.1995
1035.07The Network Deal 01.01.1995The Network Deal01.01.1995
1045.08Medieval Times 01.01.1995Medieval Times01.01.1995
1055.09Van Go 01.01.1995Van Go01.01.1995
1065.10Possum Lodge Radio 01.01.1995Possum Lodge Radio01.01.1995
1075.11X Marks The Spot 01.01.1995X Marks The Spot01.01.1995
1085.12Sedgwick The Thief 01.01.1995Sedgwick The Thief01.01.1995
1095.13The Cement Load 01.01.1995The Cement Load01.01.1995
1105.14The Gas Shortage 01.01.1995The Gas Shortage01.01.1995
1115.15Trout Season 01.01.1995Trout Season01.01.1995
1125.16The Lost Dog 01.01.1995The Lost Dog01.01.1995
1135.17The New Statue 01.01.1995The New Statue01.01.1995
1145.18One Man’s Garbage 01.01.1995One Man’s Garbage01.01.1995
1155.19The Big Thing 01.01.1995The Big Thing01.01.1995
1165.20Bottled Water 01.01.1995Bottled Water01.01.1995
1175.21Floating Church 01.01.1995Floating Church01.01.1995
1185.22The Not-Chicken Franchise 01.01.1995The Not-Chicken Franchise01.01.1995
1195.23The Compost Heap 01.01.1995The Compost Heap01.01.1995
1205.24Homemade Cheese 01.01.1995Homemade Cheese01.01.1995

Staffel 6

1216.01The Best Of Red Green 01.01.1996The Best Of Red Green01.01.1996
1226.02The Science Fair 01.01.1996The Science Fair01.01.1996
1236.03Sedgwick The Tenant 01.01.1996Sedgwick The Tenant01.01.1996
1246.04The Driving Lesson 01.01.1996The Driving Lesson01.01.1996
1256.05The Tax Refund 01.01.1996The Tax Refund01.01.1996
1266.06No Church 01.01.1996No Church01.01.1996
1276.07The Petting Zoo 01.01.1996The Petting Zoo01.01.1996
1286.08Good Government 01.01.1996Good Government01.01.1996
1296.09The Poker Game 01.01.1996The Poker Game01.01.1996
1306.10The Drill 01.01.1996The Drill01.01.1996
1316.11Maxi GolfMaxi Golf
1326.12Bernice’s BirthdayBernice’s Birthday
1336.13The Church CasinoThe Church Casino
1346.14The House RaisingThe House Raising
1356.15The Love BoatThe Love Boat
1366.16The New LeaseThe New Lease
1376.17The New LeaseThe New Lease
1386.18The Baseball TryoutsThe Baseball Tryouts
1396.1930 Minutes Or Free30 Minutes Or Free
1406.20Fund RaiserFund Raiser
1416.21Real EstateReal Estate
1426.22The Stag PartyThe Stag Party
1436.23The SuitsThe Suits
1446.24The High School ReunionThe High School Reunion
1456.25Harold’s WheelsHarold’s Wheels
1466.26We Can’t Help It , We’re MenWe Can’t Help It , We’re Men

Staffel 7

1477.01Running Of The Bulls 31.12.1997Running Of The Bulls31.12.1997
1487.02Swiss It UpSwiss It Up
1497.03The ImplosionThe Implosion
1517.05The Strange RangerThe Strange Ranger
1527.06Big Guy Little GuyBig Guy Little Guy
1537.07The MovieThe Movie
1557.09The Stool PigeonsThe Stool Pigeons
1577.11Let Me Count The WaysLet Me Count The Ways
1587.12Pardi GrasPardi Gras
1597.13The Splinter LodgeThe Splinter Lodge
1607.14The Good Old Hockey GameThe Good Old Hockey Game
1627.16The Town MallThe Town Mall
1637.17The Winter CarnivalThe Winter Carnival
1647.18Of Cars And MenOf Cars And Men

Staffel 8

1658.01It’s A Wonderful Red Green ChristmasIt’s A Wonderful Red Green Christmas
1668.02Harold’s LeavingHarold’s Leaving
1678.03House MovingHouse Moving
1688.04Niether Rain Nor SleetNiether Rain Nor Sleet
1698.05The Cult VisitThe Cult Visit
1708.06College LifeCollege Life
1718.07The New MonumentThe New Monument
1728.08Free ApricotsFree Apricots
1738.09The Mayor RaceThe Mayor Race
1748.10Better To Give Than RecieveBetter To Give Than Recieve
1758.11Town Services ContractTown Services Contract
1768.12Life CycleLife Cycle
1778.13Mad About YouMad About You
1788.14Bingo Was His NameBingo Was His Name

Staffel 9

1799.01Harold¹s JobHarold¹s Job
1809.02The Fishing DerbyThe Fishing Derby
1819.03Lady In RedLady In Red
1829.04The Bachelor AuctionThe Bachelor Auction
1849.06School Bus BlimpSchool Bus Blimp
1859.07Coup De GrassCoup De Grass
1869.08Rent A WreckRent A Wreck
1879.09Curse Of The MummyCurse Of The Mummy
1889.10Roll Out The BarrelsRoll Out The Barrels
1899.11No RetreatNo Retreat
1909.12The Battle CallThe Battle Call
1919.13Hurricane DougHurricane Doug
1929.14Guinness World RecordsGuinness World Records
1939.15The Auto ClubThe Auto Club
1949.16Too Much InformationToo Much Information

Staffel 10

19510.01A Very Merry Red Green ChristmasA Very Merry Red Green Christmas
19610.02Sausage EnvySausage Envy
19710.03Foster ChildFoster Child
19810.04What A DumpWhat A Dump
19910.05Winston’s WeddingWinston’s Wedding
20010.06Man Of The YearMan Of The Year
20210.08Historic SiteHistoric Site
20410.10Lunar EclipseLunar Eclipse
20510.11Barter StarterBarter Starter
20610.12Out Of The WoodsOut Of The Woods
20710.13Cheap JeepCheap Jeep
20810.14DNA All The WayDNA All The Way
20910.15Who Wants To Be A Smart GuyWho Wants To Be A Smart Guy
21010.16The Beaver DamThe Beaver Dam
21110.17The Dandruff FoundationThe Dandruff Foundation
21210.18Damn You EmuDamn You Emu
21310.19No Duct TapeNo Duct Tape

Staffel 11

21411.01New Job In Town 12.10.2001New Job In Town12.10.2001
21511.02Gladiator 19.10.2001Gladiator19.10.2001
21611.03The Whooping Crane 26.10.2001The Whooping Crane26.10.2001
21711.04Back To Nature 02.11.2001Back To Nature02.11.2001
21811.05Dalton’s Hot Gift 09.11.2001Dalton’s Hot Gift09.11.2001
21911.06Viva Las Possums 16.11.2001Viva Las Possums16.11.2001
22011.07Y2 Cans 23.11.2001Y2 Cans23.11.2001
22111.08The Ghost Of Possum Lodge 30.11.2001The Ghost Of Possum Lodge30.11.2001
22211.09The Chainsaw Races 07.12.2001The Chainsaw Races07.12.2001
22311.10Something In The Heir 14.12.2001Something In The Heir14.12.2001
22511.12Mike Goes StraightMike Goes Straight
22611.13Xmas In JulyXmas In July
22711.14The Fishing DerbyThe Fishing Derby
22811.15Masquerade MarathonMasquerade Marathon
22911.16Harold’s DilemmaHarold’s Dilemma
23011.17The Making Of Red Green’s Duct Tape Forever 02.03.2002The Making Of Red Green’s Duct Tape Forever02.03.2002

Staffel 12

23112.01Go Fish 18.10.2002Go Fish18.10.2002
23212.02The Possum Panderosa 25.10.2002The Possum Panderosa25.10.2002
23312.03Possum Air 01.11.2002Possum Air01.11.2002
23412.04The IQ Test 08.11.2002The IQ Test08.11.2002
23512.05The Day Of The Sunflowers 15.11.2002The Day Of The Sunflowers15.11.2002
23612.06Reality Television 22.12.2002Reality Television22.12.2002
23712.07Possum Lodge Provincal Park 29.11.2002Possum Lodge Provincal Park29.11.2002
23812.08The Silver Wasp 06.12.2002The Silver Wasp06.12.2002
23912.09A Lot Like Christmas 01.03.2003A Lot Like Christmas01.03.2003
24012.10Snowed In 20.12.2002Snowed In20.12.2002
24112.11The Go Go Bars 27.12.2002The Go Go Bars27.12.2002
24212.12The Missile Crisis 03.01.2003The Missile Crisis03.01.2003
24312.13Never Send A Man 10.01.2003Never Send A Man10.01.2003
24412.14Power Struggle 17.01.2003Power Struggle17.01.2003
24512.15Mr. Possum Lake 24.01.2003Mr. Possum Lake24.01.2003
24612.16Red And Breakfast 31.01.2003Red And Breakfast31.01.2003
24712.17The Moosetrap 07.02.2003The Moosetrap07.02.2003
24812.18Stupid Cupid 14.02.2003Stupid Cupid14.02.2003

Staffel 13

24913.01Red Green Does New Year’s 31.12.2001Red Green Does New Year’s31.12.2001
25013.02You’ve Got Oil 24.10.2003You’ve Got Oil24.10.2003
25113.03The Drive-Thru 31.10.2003The Drive-Thru31.10.2003
25213.04School Demo 07.11.2003School Demo07.11.2003
25313.05Change Will Do You Good 14.11.2003Change Will Do You Good14.11.2003
25413.06The Earring 21.11.2003The Earring21.11.2003
25513.07Mailbox Wars 28.11.2003Mailbox Wars28.11.2003
25613.08The String Ball 05.12.2003The String Ball05.12.2003
25713.09The Spelling Bee 12.12.2003The Spelling Bee12.12.2003
25813.10Pay It Forward 02.01.2004Pay It Forward02.01.2004
25913.11Possum Day 09.01.2004Possum Day09.01.2004
26013.12The Boat Ramp 16.01.2004The Boat Ramp16.01.2004
26113.13Comrad Harold 23.01.2004Comrad Harold23.01.2004
26213.14Spokesman Red 30.01.2004Spokesman Red30.01.2004
26313.15The Chain Letter 06.02.2004The Chain Letter06.02.2004
26413.16The Women’s Circle 13.02.2004The Women’s Circle13.02.2004
26513.17Ranger Harold 20.02.2004Ranger Harold20.02.2004
26613.18The Sink Hole 27.02.2004The Sink Hole27.02.2004
26713.19Cyber Girl 05.03.2004Cyber Girl05.03.2004
26813.20Hindsight Is 20–20 10.03.2004Hindsight Is 20–2010.03.2004

Staffel 14

26914.01Red’s Hot Sauce 01.10.2004Red’s Hot Sauce01.10.2004
27014.02Life Is A Circus 08.10.2004Life Is A Circus08.10.2004
27114.03Once More To The Well 15.10.2004Once More To The Well15.10.2004
27214.04The Statue 22.10.2004The Statue22.10.2004
27314.05False Idol 07.11.2004False Idol07.11.2004
27414.06Harold’s One And Only 12.11.2004Harold’s One And Only12.11.2004
27514.07The Grapes Of Wrath 19.11.2004The Grapes Of Wrath19.11.2004
27614.08The Lodge ElectionThe Lodge Election
27714.09Ticket To FameTicket To Fame
27814.10Stay TunedStay Tuned
27914.11The Butter Man 16.12.2004The Butter Man16.12.2004
28014.12Red Green Insurance 14.01.2005Red Green Insurance14.01.2005
28114.13Lodge Luau 21.01.2005Lodge Luau21.01.2005
28214.14Hoard Of The Flies 28.01.2005Hoard Of The Flies28.01.2005
28314.15A Shot In The Dark 04.02.2005A Shot In The Dark04.02.2005
28414.16Bye Bye Bonnie 11.02.2005Bye Bye Bonnie11.02.2005
28514.17Fishy Canusa Games 18.02.2005Fishy Canusa Games18.02.2005
28614.18The Possum Drop 25.02.2005The Possum Drop25.02.2005
28714.19PBS Pledge 2005PBS Pledge 2005