1.01 (Oprahization)  (16.06.1999)Oprahization16.06.1999
    1.02 (They Don’t Want Sex As Much As We Do)  (23.06.1999)They Don’t Want Sex As Much As We Do23.06.1999
    1.03 (Bad Old Days)  (30.06.1999)Bad Old Days30.06.1999
    1.04 (Appearances)  (30.06.1999)Appearances30.06.1999
    1.05 (Bets/Zembic)  (07.07.1999)Bets/Zembic07.07.1999
    1.06 (Bathroom)  (14.07.1999)Bathroom14.07.1999
    1.07 (Drinking)  (21.07.1999)Drinking21.07.1999
    1.08 (Wedding)  (28.07.1999)Wedding28.07.1999
    1.09 (Sports)  (04.08.1999)Sports04.08.1999
    1.10 (Compilation)  (11.08.1999)Compilation11.08.1999
    1.11 (Jobs)  (03.11.1999)Jobs03.11.1999
    1.12 (Mysteries of Women)  (10.11.1999)Mysteries of Women10.11.1999
    1.13 (Underwear)  (17.11.1999)Underwear17.11.1999
    1.14 (Thanks Man Show)  (24.11.1999)Thanks Man Show24.11.1999
    1.15 (The Woman Show)  (01.12.1999)The Woman Show01.12.1999
    1.16 (Practical Jokes)  (15.12.1999)Practical Jokes15.12.1999
    1.17 (Holiday Show)  (22.12.1999)Holiday Show22.12.1999
    1.18 (Millennium)  (29.12.1999)Millennium29.12.1999
    1.19 (New Year’s Resolution Show)  (31.12.1999)New Year’s Resolution Show31.12.1999
    1.20 (Compilation show I)  (05.01.2000)Compilation show I05.01.2000
    1.21 (Superbowl Show)  (26.01.2000)Superbowl Show26.01.2000

    2.01 (Previously On The Man Show)  (18.06.2000)Previously On The Man Show18.06.2000
    2.02 (In The Dogg House)  (25.06.2000)In The Dogg House25.06.2000
    2.03 (Wheel Of Destiny)  (02.07.2000)Wheel Of Destiny02.07.2000
    2.04 (Rosie In The Well)  (09.07.2000)Rosie In The Well09.07.2000
    2.05 (Boy Buys Beer)  (16.07.2000)Boy Buys Beer16.07.2000
    2.06 (Boys Gone Wild)  (23.07.2000)Boys Gone Wild23.07.2000
    2.07 (The Beach Show)  (30.07.2000)The Beach Show30.07.2000
    2.08 (Stop Eating So Much)  (06.08.2000)Stop Eating So Much06.08.2000
    2.09 (Man Vs. Beast)  (13.08.2000)Man Vs. Beast13.08.2000
    2.10 (Training Camp)  (20.08.2000)Training Camp20.08.2000
    2.11 (Back To School)  (27.08.2000)Back To School27.08.2000
    2.12 (Politics)  (03.09.2000)Politics03.09.2000
    2.13 (Playboy Mansion)  (10.09.2000)Playboy Mansion10.09.2000
    2.14 (X-Ray Specs)  (03.12.2000)X-Ray Specs03.12.2000
    2.15 (Monkey Wife)  (10.12.2000)Monkey Wife10.12.2000
    2.16 (Holiday Show II)  (17.12.2000)Holiday Show II17.12.2000
    2.17 (Beer Talent Show)  (07.01.2001)Beer Talent Show07.01.2001
    2.18 (Antique Porn Show)  (14.01.2001)Antique Porn Show14.01.2001
    2.19 (Trampoline Auditions)  (21.01.2001)Trampoline Auditions21.01.2001
    2.20 (Hypnotist)  (04.02.2001)Hypnotist04.02.2001
    2.21 (Valentine’s Show)  (11.02.2001)Valentine’s Show11.02.2001
    2.22 (Korn)  (18.02.2001)Korn18.02.2001
    2.23 (Little League)  (25.02.2001)Little League25.02.2001
    2.24 (Porky’s)  (04.03.2001)Porky’s04.03.2001
    2.25 (Men Around The World)  (11.03.2001)Men Around The World11.03.2001
    2.26 (Compilation Show II)  (25.03.2001)Compilation Show II25.03.2001

    3.01 (Sperm Bank)  (01.07.2001)Sperm Bank01.07.2001
    3.02 (Drunken Pilots)  (08.07.2001)Drunken Pilots08.07.2001
    3.03 (NASCAR)  (15.07.2001)NASCAR15.07.2001
    3.04 (Sock Puppet Porn)  (22.07.2001)Sock Puppet Porn22.07.2001
    3.05 (Salute to Advertising)  (29.07.2001)Salute to Advertising29.07.2001
    3.06 (Oprah Jimfrey / Wheel of Destiny)  (05.08.2001)Oprah Jimfrey / Wheel of Destiny05.08.2001
    3.07 (Man Show Boy Hits the Beach)  (12.08.2001)Man Show Boy Hits the Beach12.08.2001
    3.08 (Movie Show)  (19.08.2001)Movie Show19.08.2001
    3.09 (Juggy Water Park)  (26.08.2001)Juggy Water Park26.08.2001
    3.10 (Labor Day)  (02.09.2001)Labor Day02.09.2001
    3.11 (Got Milk?)  (09.09.2001)Got Milk?09.09.2001
    3.12 (Good Things Come in Small Packages)  (16.09.2001)Good Things Come in Small Packages16.09.2001
    3.13 (Las Vegas Season End Spectacular)  (23.09.2001)Las Vegas Season End Spectacular23.09.2001
    3.14 (Man Show Boy Sells Beer)  (02.12.2001)Man Show Boy Sells Beer02.12.2001
    3.15 (Elevator Full of Juggies / Statue of Liberty)  (09.12.2001)Elevator Full of Juggies / Statue of Liberty09.12.2001
    3.16 (Juggs Judy)  (16.12.2001)Juggs Judy16.12.2001
    3.17 (Christmas Show)  (23.12.2001)Christmas Show23.12.2001
    3.18 (Toplessness In America)  (30.12.2001)Toplessness In America30.12.2001
    3.19 (Bathroom Interviews)  (06.01.2002)Bathroom Interviews06.01.2002
    3.20 (Undercover Bartenders)  (13.01.2002)Undercover Bartenders13.01.2002
    3.21 (Officer Adam / Golf)  (30.01.2002)Officer Adam / Golf30.01.2002
    3.22 (Wife Disguise Kit / Wheel of Destiny)  (27.01.2002)Wife Disguise Kit / Wheel of Destiny27.01.2002
    3.23 (Assoholics Anonymous)  (10.02.2002)Assoholics Anonymous10.02.2002
    3.24 (Mardi Gras)  (17.02.2002)Mardi Gras17.02.2002
    3.25 (Outdoor Show)  (24.02.2002)Outdoor Show24.02.2002
    3.26 (Wild Wild West Spectacular)  (03.03.2002)Wild Wild West Spectacular03.03.2002

    4.01 (Juggy Audition)  (11.08.2002)Juggy Audition11.08.2002
    4.02 (Penile Enlargement)  (18.08.2002)Penile Enlargement18.08.2002
    4.03 (Spring Training)  (25.08.2002)Spring Training25.08.2002
    4.04 (A Day of Beauty)  (01.09.2002)A Day of Beauty01.09.2002
    4.05 (I Dream of Jeannie)  (08.09.2002)I Dream of Jeannie08.09.2002
    4.06 (The Juggbournes)  (15.09.2002)The Juggbournes15.09.2002
    4.07 (Juggy Car Wash)  (22.09.2002)Juggy Car Wash22.09.2002
    4.08 (Cooperstown Condoms)  (29.09.2002)Cooperstown Condoms29.09.2002
    4.09 (Talking Deer)  (06.10.2002)Talking Deer06.10.2002
    4.10 (Will You Buy This For Me)  (30.10.2002)Will You Buy This For Me30.10.2002
    4.11 (Best of the Man Show Boy)  (27.10.2002)Best of the Man Show Boy27.10.2002
    4.12 (Adam & Jimmy In Jail)  (02.03.2003)Adam & Jimmy In Jail02.03.2003
    4.13 (Adam & Jimmy Join a Bachlorette Party)  (02.03.2003)Adam & Jimmy Join a Bachlorette Party02.03.2003
    4.14 (Jimmy Asks Women „What Do You Weigh?“)  (09.01.2003)Jimmy Asks Women „What Do You Weigh?“09.01.2003
    4.15 (The Black Widow of Pool)  (16.03.2003)The Black Widow of Pool16.03.2003
    4.16 (Wrestle Cousin Sal)  (23.03.2003)Wrestle Cousin Sal23.03.2003
    4.17 (The Man Show Boy Apologizes)  (30.03.2003)The Man Show Boy Apologizes30.03.2003
    4.18 (Museum of Annoying Women)  (06.04.2003)Museum of Annoying Women06.04.2003
    4.19 (Goodbye Show)  (04.05.2003)Goodbye Show04.05.2003

    5.01 (The New Guys)  (17.08.2003)The New Guys17.08.2003
    5.02 (Wheel of Destiny)  (24.08.2003)Wheel of Destiny24.08.2003
    5.03 (Breast Implant Fashion Show)  (31.08.2003)Breast Implant Fashion Show31.08.2003
    5.04 (Dr. Phil)  (07.09.2003)Dr. Phil07.09.2003
    5.05 (The Other Side with Joel Rogal)  (14.09.2003)The Other Side with Joel Rogal14.09.2003
    5.06 (Make Me Stiff)  (21.09.2003)Make Me Stiff21.09.2003
    5.07 (Midget Porn)  (28.09.2003)Midget Porn28.09.2003
    5.08 (Breakup Bounty Hunters)  (04.10.2003)Breakup Bounty Hunters04.10.2003
    5.09 (Toilet Expo)  (19.10.2003)Toilet Expo19.10.2003
    5.10 (Church of the Man Show)  (26.10.2003)Church of the Man Show26.10.2003

    6.01 (Tonya Harding Boxing Match)  (02.05.2004)Tonya Harding Boxing Match02.05.2004
    6.02 (Joe & Doug Road Trip)  (02.05.2004)Joe & Doug Road Trip02.05.2004
    6.03 (That’s My Boy!)  (09.05.2004)That’s My Boy!09.05.2004
    6.04 (A Man Show Man Tribute)  (16.05.2004)A Man Show Man Tribute16.05.2004
    6.05 (Stealing Another Man’s Midget)  (23.05.2004)Stealing Another Man’s Midget23.05.2004
    6.06 (Sexy Censor Pays a Visit)  (30.05.2004)Sexy Censor Pays a Visit30.05.2004
    6.07 (Juan Goes Wild)  (06.06.2004)Juan Goes Wild06.06.2004
    6.08 (Guess Whose Asscrack)  (13.06.2004)Guess Whose Asscrack13.06.2004
    6.09 (Juggy Boot Camp)  (19.06.2004)Juggy Boot Camp19.06.2004
    6.10 (Hot Tubs for Humanity)  (19.06.2004)Hot Tubs for Humanity19.06.2004

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