1.01 (Scenes of the Crime)  (28.09.1992)Scenes of the Crime28.09.1992
    1.02 (Jailhouse Dawgs)  (05.10.1992)Jailhouse Dawgs05.10.1992
    1.03 (Calling Dr. Fungus)  (12.10.1992)Calling Dr. Fungus12.10.1992
    1.04 (The Big Payoff)  (19.10.1992)The Big Payoff19.10.1992
    1.05 (The Incredible, Inedible Eggmen)  (26.10.1992)The Incredible, Inedible Eggmen26.10.1992
    1.06 (Morning in Halvakia)  (02.11.1992)Morning in Halvakia02.11.1992
    1.07 (Endangering Species)  (09.11.1992)Endangering Species09.11.1992
    1.08 (The House That Dreck Built)  (16.11.1992)The House That Dreck Built16.11.1992
    1.09 (Rich Dawg, Poor Dawg)  (23.11.1992)Rich Dawg, Poor Dawg23.11.1992
    1.10 (Crash’s Burden)  (30.11.1992)Crash’s Burden30.11.1992
    1.11 (Freedom of Screech)  (07.12.1992)Freedom of Screech07.12.1992
    1.12 (Caribee Calamity)  (14.12.1992)Caribee Calamity14.12.1992
    1.13 (Go West, Young Dawgs)  (21.12.1992)Go West, Young Dawgs21.12.1992
    1.14 (For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls)  (28.12.1992)For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls28.12.1992
    1.15 (Casting Call)  (04.01.1993)Casting Call04.01.1993
    1.16 (The Word According to Fungus)  (11.01.1993)The Word According to Fungus11.01.1993
    1.17 (Dream on Fungus)  (18.01.1993)Dream on Fungus18.01.1993
    1.18 (Badyear’s Billions)  (25.01.1993)Badyear’s Billions25.01.1993
    1.19 (Paris When It Sizzles)  (01.02.1993)Paris When It Sizzles01.02.1993
    1.20 (Night of the Scabs)  (08.02.1993)Night of the Scabs08.02.1993
    1.21 (Bad Day at Badwater)  (15.02.1993)Bad Day at Badwater15.02.1993
    1.22 (Chunky Needham)  (22.02.1993)Chunky Needham22.02.1993
    1.23 (Nuclear Nap)  (01.03.1993)Nuclear Nap01.03.1993
    1.24 (Stunt Dawgs to the Rescue)  (08.03.1993)Stunt Dawgs to the Rescue08.03.1993
    1.25 (Deja Coup)  (15.03.1993)Deja Coup15.03.1993
    1.26 (Star Dawgs)  (22.03.1993)Star Dawgs22.03.1993
    1.27 (Stunt Puppies)  (29.03.1993)Stunt Puppies29.03.1993
    1.28 (Cannon Blam Run)  (05.04.1993)Cannon Blam Run05.04.1993
    1.29 (Freeze Dried Dawgs)  (12.04.1993)Freeze Dried Dawgs12.04.1993
    1.30 (Neehigh Needham)  (19.04.1993)Neehigh Needham19.04.1993
    1.31 (Human Catastrophe)  (26.04.1993)Human Catastrophe26.04.1993
    1.32 (Stunt Girls)  (03.05.1993)Stunt Girls03.05.1993
    1.33 (Fungustein)  (10.05.1993)Fungustein10.05.1993
    1.34 (Half-a-Mind Over Matter)  (17.05.1993)Half-a-Mind Over Matter17.05.1993
    1.35 (Dawgin’ It)  (24.05.1993)Dawgin’ It24.05.1993
    1.36 (Stop That Darn Noise)  (31.05.1993)Stop That Darn Noise31.05.1993
    1.37 (The Treasure of Crash’s Madre)  (07.06.1993)The Treasure of Crash’s Madre07.06.1993
    1.38 (Dawg Paddle)  (14.06.1993)Dawg Paddle14.06.1993
    1.39 (Viva Lost Wages)  (21.06.1993)Viva Lost Wages21.06.1993
    1.40 (Lucky’s 13th)  (28.06.1993)Lucky’s 13th28.06.1993

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