1.01 (Ambition of Empire)  (05.04.1985)Ambition of Empire05.04.1985
    1.02 (Roar! Beast Warrior Machine)  (12.04.1985)Roar! Beast Warrior Machine12.04.1985
    1.03 (Reborn! Shapirou!!)  (19.04.1985)Reborn! Shapirou!!19.04.1985
    1.04 (Aim for the Jamming)  (26.04.1985)Aim for the Jamming26.04.1985
    1.05 (The Last Man to Arrive)  (03.05.1985)The Last Man to Arrive03.05.1985
    1.06 (Saintly Girl of the Battlefield)  (10.05.1985)Saintly Girl of the Battlefield10.05.1985
    1.07 (Small English Hero)  (17.05.1985)Small English Hero17.05.1985
    1.08 (Fierce Battle! Decoy Memories)  (24.05.1985)Fierce Battle! Decoy Memories24.05.1985
    1.09 (Demon Beast of Amazon)  (31.05.1985)Demon Beast of Amazon31.05.1985
    1.10 (Legend of the Knight)  (07.06.1985)Legend of the Knight07.06.1985
    1.11 (A covering fire of enemy)  (14.06.1985)A covering fire of enemy14.06.1985
    1.12 (It awakes Dinosaur)  (21.06.1985)It awakes Dinosaur21.06.1985
    1.13 (Town of Betrayal)  (28.06.1985)Town of Betrayal28.06.1985
    1.14 (New York Urban Battle)  (05.07.1985)New York Urban Battle05.07.1985
    1.15 (Beyond beasts, Beyond humans, Now become God’s warrior!)  (12.07.1985)Beyond beasts, Beyond humans, Now become God’s warrior!12.07.1985
    1.16 (Beyond beasts, Beyond humans, Now become God’s warrior!)  (19.07.1985)Beyond beasts, Beyond humans, Now become God’s warrior!19.07.1985
    1.17 (The defeat of Death Gaia)  (26.07.1985)The defeat of Death Gaia26.07.1985
    1.18 (Tempation)  (02.08.1985)Tempation02.08.1985
    1.19 (Night Terror)  (09.08.1985)Night Terror09.08.1985
    1.20 (Southern wind)  (16.08.1985)Southern wind16.08.1985
    1.21 (The first contact)  (23.08.1985)The first contact23.08.1985
    1.22 (Time goes around still)  (30.08.1985)Time goes around still30.08.1985
    1.23 (Revenge for marder)  (06.09.1985)Revenge for marder06.09.1985
    1.24 (La Marseille)  (13.09.1985)La Marseille13.09.1985
    1.25 (TRAP!)  (20.09.1985)TRAP!20.09.1985
    1.26 (The secret of velieves)  (27.09.1985)The secret of velieves27.09.1985
    1.27 (Gildrom’s decline and fall)  (04.10.1985)Gildrom’s decline and fall04.10.1985
    1.28 (General Attack aT Act. 1)  (11.10.1985)General Attack aT Act. 111.10.1985
    1.29 (General Attack aT Act. 2)  (18.10.1985)General Attack aT Act. 218.10.1985
    1.30 (We meet only to part)  (25.10.1985)We meet only to part25.10.1985
    1.31 (After his death)  (01.11.1985)After his death01.11.1985
    1.32 (Target)  (08.11.1985)Target08.11.1985
    1.33 (Caputure the intelligence)  (15.11.1985)Caputure the intelligence15.11.1985
    1.34 (Long goodbye)  (22.11.1985)Long goodbye22.11.1985
    1.35 (Moon is hell)  (29.11.1985)Moon is hell29.11.1985
    1.36 (Harmony love)  (06.12.1985)Harmony love06.12.1985
    1.37 (Tell Laura I Love her!)  (13.12.1985)Tell Laura I Love her!13.12.1985
    1.38 (Darkness and ruins)  (20.12.1985)Darkness and ruins20.12.1985

    (Dancougar: Requiem for Victims)  (21.04.1986)Dancougar: Requiem for Victims21.04.1986
    (God Bless Dancougar)  (15.04.1987)God Bless Dancougar15.04.1987
    (Super Bestial Machine God Dancougar: Blazing Epilogue)  (16.12.1989)Super Bestial Machine God Dancougar: Blazing Epilogue16.12.1989

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