Staffel 1

    11.01 (The Birth)  (14.10.2001)The Birth14.10.2001
    21.02 (The Escape)  (21.10.2001)The Escape21.10.2001
    31.03 (Assassin of Flash)  (28.10.2001)Assassin of Flash28.10.2001
    41.04 (At the End of the Battle)  (04.11.2001)At the End of the Battle04.11.2001
    51.05 (Tears of Steel)  (11.11.2001)Tears of Steel11.11.2001
    61.06 (Search for the Professor)  (18.11.2001)Search for the Professor18.11.2001
    71.07 (Defeat the Invisible Opponent)  (25.11.2001)Defeat the Invisible Opponent25.11.2001
    81.08 (Friend)  (02.12.2001)Friend02.12.2001
    91.09 (Satan of the Deep Sea)  (09.12.2001)Satan of the Deep Sea09.12.2001
    101.10 (Operation Auroras)  (16.12.2001)Operation Auroras16.12.2001
    111.11 (Christmas Eve Mirage)  (23.12.2001)Christmas Eve Mirage23.12.2001
    121.12 (Mystical Island)  (06.01.2002)Mystical Island06.01.2002
    131.13 (London Fogs)  (13.01.2001)London Fogs13.01.2001
    141.14 (The Land of Reunions)  (20.01.2002)The Land of Reunions20.01.2002
    151.15 (Goodbye, My Friend)  (27.01.2002)Goodbye, My Friend27.01.2002
    161.16 (Breaking In)  (03.02.2002)Breaking In03.02.2002
    171.17 (The Final Battle)  (10.02.2002)The Final Battle10.02.2002
    181.18 (The Story of a Struggling Restaurant)  (17.02.2002)The Story of a Struggling Restaurant17.02.2002
    191.19 (The Hero)  (10.03.2002)The Hero10.03.2002
    201.20 (A Phantom Dog)  (03.03.2002)A Phantom Dog03.03.2002
    211.21 (The Fossils of Evil)  (24.02.2002)The Fossils of Evil24.02.2002
    221.22 (Attack of the Gods)  (17.03.2002)Attack of the Gods17.03.2002
    231.23 (Mythology Arises)  (24.03.2002)Mythology Arises24.03.2002
    241.24 (Artemis)  (31.03.2002)Artemis31.03.2002
    251.25 (Mythos, the Final Chapter)  (07.04.2002)Mythos, the Final Chapter07.04.2002
    261.26 (Gilmore’s Notes)  (21.04.2002)Gilmore’s Notes21.04.2002

    Staffel 2

    272.01 (Little Visitors)  (28.04.2002)Little Visitors28.04.2002
    282.02 (The Awakening)  (05.05.2002)The Awakening05.05.2002
    292.03 (The Blue Earth)  (12.05.2002)The Blue Earth12.05.2002
    302.04 (Computoia)  (19.05.2002)Computoia19.05.2002
    312.05 (Monster Island)  (26.05.2002)Monster Island26.05.2002
    322.06 (Man or Machine?)  (02.06.2002)Man or Machine?02.06.2002
    332.07 (Frozen Time)  (09.06.2002)Frozen Time09.06.2002
    342.08 (The Pharaoh’s Curse)  (16.06.2002)The Pharaoh’s Curse16.06.2002
    352.09 (The City of Wind)  (23.06.2002)The City of Wind23.06.2002
    362.10 (The Frozen Land)  (30.06.2002)The Frozen Land30.06.2002
    372.11 (The Night of the Star Festival)  (07.07.2002)The Night of the Star Festival07.07.2002
    382.12 (Black Ghost Lives)  (14.07.2002)Black Ghost Lives14.07.2002
    392.13 (The New Assassins)  (21.07.2002)The New Assassins21.07.2002
    402.14 (Gamo’s Revenge)  (28.07.2002)Gamo’s Revenge28.07.2002
    412.15 (Future Fury)  (04.08.2002)Future Fury04.08.2002
    422.16 (To Tomorrow)  (11.08.2002)To Tomorrow11.08.2002
    432.17 (Old Friends)  (18.08.2002)Old Friends18.08.2002
    442.18 (Nightmare of Van Bogoot)  (25.08.2002)Nightmare of Van Bogoot25.08.2002
    452.19 (Good-Bye, My Dolphin)  (01.09.2002)Good-Bye, My Dolphin01.09.2002
    462.20 (The Underground Empire)  (08.09.2002)The Underground Empire08.09.2002
    472.21 (Rise of the Demon)  (15.09.2002)Rise of the Demon15.09.2002
    482.22 (When You Wish Upon a Shooting Star)  (29.09.2002)When You Wish Upon a Shooting Star29.09.2002
    492.23 (The Goddess Scheme)  (06.10.2002)The Goddess Scheme06.10.2002
    502.24 (The Fluttering Australia)  (13.10.2002)The Fluttering Australia13.10.2002
    512.25 (The Birth of A New Universal)  (unaired)The Birth of A New Universalunaired

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