Staffel 1

    11.01 (Couples Therapy Begins)  (21.03.2012)Couples Therapy Begins21.03.2012
    21.02 (Opening Up)  (28.03.2012)Opening Up28.03.2012
    31.03 (Rebuilding Trust)  (04.04.2012)Rebuilding Trust04.04.2012
    41.04 (Fighting Fairly)  (11.04.2012)Fighting Fairly11.04.2012
    51.05 (Childhood Trauma)  (18.04.2012)Childhood Trauma18.04.2012
    61.06 (Putting Love To The Test)  (25.04.2012)Putting Love To The Test25.04.2012
    71.07 (Following Your Heart)  (02.05.2012)Following Your Heart02.05.2012
    81.08 (Season 1 Finale)  (09.05.2012)Season 1 Finale09.05.2012

    Staffel 2

    92.01 (Couples Therapy Begins)  (03.10.2012)Couples Therapy Begins03.10.2012
    102.02 (Opening Up)  (09.10.2012)Opening Up09.10.2012
    112.03 (Communication Issues)  (14.10.2012)Communication Issues14.10.2012
    122.04 (Exposing the Real Issues)  (21.10.2012)Exposing the Real Issues21.10.2012
    132.05 (Power Dynamics)  (24.10.2012)Power Dynamics24.10.2012
    142.06 (Playing By The Rules)  (31.10.2012)Playing By The Rules31.10.2012
    152.07 (Dourtney’s Aftermath)  (07.11.2012)Dourtney’s Aftermath07.11.2012
    162.08 (Putting Love To The Test)  (14.11.2012)Putting Love To The Test14.11.2012
    172.09 (Final Confrontations)  (21.11.2012)Final Confrontations21.11.2012
    182.10 (Season 2 Finale)  (28.11.2012)Season 2 Finale28.11.2012

    Staffel 3

    193.01 (Couples Therapy Begins)  (12.06.2013)Couples Therapy Begins12.06.2013
    203.02 (Opening Up)  (19.06.2013)Opening Up19.06.2013
    213.03 (Love, by the Numbers)  (26.06.2013)Love, by the Numbers26.06.2013
    223.04 (Brutally Honest)  (10.07.2013)Brutally Honest10.07.2013
    233.05 (Echoes From The Past)  (17.07.2013)Echoes From The Past17.07.2013
    243.06 (Fear Of The Future)  (24.07.2013)Fear Of The Future24.07.2013
    253.07 (Trouble in Paradise)  (31.07.2013)Trouble in Paradise31.07.2013
    263.08 (Picking Up the Pieces)  (07.08.2013)Picking Up the Pieces07.08.2013
    273.09 (Tying Up Loose Ends)  (14.08.2013)Tying Up Loose Ends14.08.2013
    283.10 (Season Finale)  (21.08.2013)Season Finale21.08.2013

    Staffel 4

    294.01 (Therapy Begins)  (02.01.2014)Therapy Begins02.01.2014
    304.02 (Love Hurts)  (09.01.2014)Love Hurts09.01.2014
    314.03 (New Couple Controversy)  (16.01.2014)New Couple Controversy16.01.2014
    324.04 (Fess Up)  (23.01.2014)Fess Up23.01.2014
    334.05 (Player for Life)  (30.01.2014)Player for Life30.01.2014
    344.06 (Get Real)  (06.02.2014)Get Real06.02.2014
    354.07 (Crumbs of Love)  (13.02.2014)Crumbs of Love13.02.2014
    364.08 (Repeating the Same Patterns)  (20.02.2014)Repeating the Same Patterns20.02.2014
    374.09 (Fired Up)  (27.02.2014)Fired Up27.02.2014
    384.10 (Final Goodbye)  (06.03.2014)Final Goodbye06.03.2014
    394.11 (Reunion Part 1)  (03.09.2014)Reunion Part 103.09.2014
    404.12 (Reunion Part 2)  (10.09.2014)Reunion Part 210.09.2014

    Staffel 5

    415.01 (A Fresh Start)  (10.09.2014)A Fresh Start10.09.2014
    425.02 (Death Trap)  (17.09.2014)Death Trap17.09.2014
    435.03 (Under the Microscope)  (24.09.2014)Under the Microscope24.09.2014
    445.04 (Called Out)  (01.10.2014)Called Out01.10.2014
    455.05 (The Truth Is Out There)  (08.10.2014)The Truth Is Out There08.10.2014
    465.06 (I’ve Got The Power)  (15.10.2014)I’ve Got The Power15.10.2014
    475.07 (Reflections of the Past)  (22.10.2014)Reflections of the Past22.10.2014
    485.08 (Decision Time)  (29.10.2014)Decision Time29.10.2014
    495.09 (Meatball Problems)  (05.11.2014)Meatball Problems05.11.2014
    505.10 (Fighting Till The End)  (12.11.2014)Fighting Till The End12.11.2014

    Staffel 6

    516.01 (The Journey Begins)  (07.10.2015)The Journey Begins07.10.2015
    526.02 (Enter the Drama)  (07.10.2015)Enter the Drama07.10.2015
    536.03 (Texts, Lies and Tampon-gate)  (14.10.2015)Texts, Lies and Tampon-gate14.10.2015
    546.04 (Gene Therapy)  (21.10.2015)Gene Therapy21.10.2015
    556.05 (Joe and Kaylin Return)  (28.10.2015)Joe and Kaylin Return28.10.2015
    566.06 (Putting Out Fires Without Getting Burned)  (04.11.2015)Putting Out Fires Without Getting Burned04.11.2015
    576.07 (The Power of Exchange)  (11.11.2015)The Power of Exchange11.11.2015
    586.08 (Remembrance of Things Past)  (18.11.2015)Remembrance of Things Past18.11.2015
    596.09 (Let’s Talk About Sex)  (02.12.2015)Let’s Talk About Sex02.12.2015
    606.10 (Love Is The Answer)  (09.12.2015)Love Is The Answer09.12.2015

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