Staffel 1

    11.01 (The Love Song of Barney Kempinski)  (14.09.1966)The Love Song of Barney Kempinski14.09.1966
    21.02 (Dare I Weep, Dare I Mourn)  (21.09.1966)Dare I Weep, Dare I Mourn21.09.1966
    31.03 (Where It’s At)  (28.09.1966)Where It’s At28.09.1966
    41.04 (The Kennedy Wit)  (05.10.1966)The Kennedy Wit05.10.1966
    51.05 (Olympus 7–0000)  (12.10.1966)Olympus 7–000012.10.1966
    61.06 (The Confession)  (19.10.1966)The Confession19.10.1966
    71.07 (The Canterville Ghost)  (02.11.1966)The Canterville Ghost02.11.1966
    81.08 (The People Trap)  (09.11.1966)The People Trap09.11.1966
    91.09 (Evening Primrose)  (16.11.1966)Evening Primrose16.11.1966
    101.10 (Noon Wine)  (23.11.1966)Noon Wine23.11.1966
    111.11 (The Legend of Marilyn Monroe)  (30.11.1966)The Legend of Marilyn Monroe30.11.1966
    121.12 (On The Flip Side)  (07.12.1966)On The Flip Side07.12.1966
    131.13 (The Brave Rifles)  (14.12.1966)The Brave Rifles14.12.1966
    141.14 (A Christmas Memory)  (21.12.1966)A Christmas Memory21.12.1966
    151.15 (The Trap of Solid Gold)  (04.01.1967)The Trap of Solid Gold04.01.1967
    161.16 (Sex in the Sixties)  (12.01.1967)Sex in the Sixties12.01.1967
    171.17 (General Eisenhower on „The Military Churchill“)  (26.01.1967)General Eisenhower on „The Military Churchill“26.01.1967
    181.18 (David Frost’s Night Out in London)  (02.02.1967)David Frost’s Night Out in London02.02.1967
    191.19 (The Light Fantastic)  (09.02.1967)The Light Fantastic09.02.1967
    201.20 (C’est La Vie)  (23.02.1967)C’est La Vie23.02.1967
    211.21 (Rodgers and Hart Today)  (02.03.1967)Rodgers and Hart Today02.03.1967
    221.22 (The American Boy)  (09.03.1967)The American Boy09.03.1967
    231.23 (I’m Getting Married)  (16.03.1967)I’m Getting Married16.03.1967
    241.24 (A Time For Laughter: A Look at Negro Humor in America)  (06.04.1967)A Time For Laughter: A Look at Negro Humor in America06.04.1967
    251.25 (The Wide Open Door)  (20.04.1967)The Wide Open Door20.04.1967
    261.26 (The Human Voice)  (03.05.1967)The Human Voice03.05.1967

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