1.01 Secret of the Black Pearl  04.10.1980Secret of the Black Pearl04.10.1980
    1.02 Harvest of Doom  11.10.1980Harvest of Doom11.10.1980
    1.03 Mindok the Mind Menace  18.10.1980Mindok the Mind Menace18.10.1980
    1.04 Raiders of the Abyss  25.10.1980Raiders of the Abyss25.10.1980
    1.05 Treasure of the Moks  01.11.1980Treasure of the Moks01.11.1980
    1.06 Attack of the Amazon Women  08.11.1980Attack of the Amazon Women08.11.1980
    1.07 The Brotherhood of Night  15.11.1980The Brotherhood of Night15.11.1980
    1.08 Challenge of the Wizards  22.11.1980Challenge of the Wizards22.11.1980
    1.09 Valley of the Man-Apes  29.11.1980Valley of the Man-Apes29.11.1980
    1.10 Stalker from the Stars  06.12.1980Stalker from the Stars06.12.1980
    1.11 Portal into Time  13.12.1980Portal into Time13.12.1980
    1.12 Battle of the Barbarians  20.12.1980Battle of the Barbarians20.12.1980
    1.13 Den of the Sleeping Demon  27.12.1980Den of the Sleeping Demon27.12.1980

    2.01 Wizard War  12.09.1981Wizard War12.09.1981
    2.02 Fortress of Fear  19.09.1981Fortress of Fear19.09.1981
    2.03 Island of the Body Snatchers  26.09.1981Island of the Body Snatchers26.09.1981
    2.04 City of Evil  03.10.1981City of Evil03.10.1981
    2.05 Last Train to Doomsday  10.10.1981Last Train to Doomsday10.10.1981
    2.06 Master of the Stolen Sunsword  17.10.1981Master of the Stolen Sunsword17.10.1981
    2.07 Trial by Terror  24.10.1981Trial by Terror24.10.1981
    2.08 Prophecy of Peril  31.10.1981Prophecy of Peril31.10.1981

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