a1.01aRosarot rettet in Not (Pink Pink And Away)  (11.09.1993)Pink Pink And Away11.09.1993
    b1.01bOld MacPanther hat ’ne Farm (Down on The Ant Farm)  Down on The Ant Farm
    a1.02aSchlaf in rosiger Ruh’ (Pink and Quiet)  (14.09.1993)Pink and Quiet14.09.1993
    b1.02bFormel-Eins-Panther (The Pinky 500)  The Pinky 500
    a1.03aPanthergeist (The Ghost and Mr. Panther)  (18.09.1993)The Ghost and Mr. Panther18.09.1993
    b1.03bDer Pharao sieht rosarot (Clepanthera)  Clepanthera
    a1.04aPanther in der Zirkuskuppel (Big Top Pinky)  (21.09.1993)Big Top Pinky21.09.1993
    b1.04bPanther sucht Bigfoot (Yeti Nother Big Foot Story)  Yeti Nother Big Foot Story
    a1.05aDas rosarote Paradies (Pinky In Paradise)  (28.09.1993)Pinky In Paradise28.09.1993
    b1.05bDer rosarote Detektiv (Department Store Pink-erton)  Department Store Pink-erton
    a1.06aDer rosarote Seebär (Moby Pink)  (15.10.1993)Moby Pink15.10.1993
    b1.06bPanther im Weltall (The Pink Stuff)  The Pink Stuff
    a1.07aPink Pizza (Pink Pizza)  (23.10.1993)Pink Pizza23.10.1993
    b1.07bVincent Van Panther (The Pink Painter)  The Pink Painter
    a1.08aWerwolf im Pantherpelz (Werewolf in Panther’s Clothing)  (17.11.1993)Werewolf in Panther’s Clothing17.11.1993
    b1.08bPink Paparazzi (Pink Paparazzi)  Pink Paparazzi
    a1.09aDer rosarote Rocker (Rock Me Pink)  (25.11.1993)Rock Me Pink25.11.1993
    b1.09bDer rosarote Legionär (Pinkie Pantherus)  Pinkie Pantherus
    a1.10aPanther jagt Truthahn (Pilgrim Panther)  (16.12.1993)Pilgrim Panther16.12.1993
    b1.10bRosarot ist keine Zauberei (That Old Pink Magic)  That Old Pink Magic
    a1.11aDer Rosa-Andertaler (Pink-anderthal Man)  (17.12.1993)Pink-anderthal Man17.12.1993
    b1.11bPink Kong (Pink Kong)  Pink Kong
    a1.12aSpiel mir das Lied vom Panther (The Magnificent Pink One)  (16.03.1994)The Magnificent Pink One16.03.1994
    b1.12bPanther im Schnee (Downhill Panther)  Downhill Panther
    a1.13aAuf der Pantherosa (14 Karat Pink)  (18.03.1994)14 Karat Pink18.03.1994
    b1.13bRobo-Panther (Robo Pink)  Robo Pink
    a1.14aUnheimliche Begegnung der rosaroten Art (Pink Encounters)  (19.03.1994)Pink Encounters19.03.1994
    b1.14bDer Panther und das Biest (Junkyard Pink Blues)  Junkyard Pink Blues
    a1.15aDer rosarote Meister aller Klassen (Pantherobics)  (19.04.1994)Pantherobics19.04.1994
    b1.15bPantherstein (Pinkenstein)  Pinkenstein
    a1.16aPanther auf der Überholspur (Pinky Rider)  (06.05.1994)Pinky Rider06.05.1994
    b1.16bRotrock gegen Rosarot (Midnight Ride Of Pink Revere)  Midnight Ride Of Pink Revere
    a1.17aPanther-Express (Pinky … He Delivers)  (11.05.1994)Pinky … He Delivers11.05.1994
    b1.17bSuperpanther (Super-Pink’s Egg-cellent Adventure)  Super-Pink’s Egg-cellent Adventure
    a1.18aCili Con Panther (Cowboy Pinky)  (15.06.1994)Cowboy Pinky15.06.1994
    b1.18bDer rosarote Bruchpilot (Stealth Panther)  Stealth Panther
    a1.19aPantherzumas Rache (Pinkazuma’s Revenge)  (05.09.1994)Pinkazuma’s Revenge05.09.1994
    b1.19bPanther im Känguruland (Pinky Down Under)  Pinky Down Under
    a1.20aTaxi? Panther! (Pinkadoon)  (19.09.1994)Pinkadoon19.09.1994
    b1.20bRummel im rosaroten Dschungel (A Camp-Pink We Will Go)  A Camp-Pink We Will Go
    a1.21aDas rosarote Eisvergnügen (Icy Pink)  (17.10.1994)Icy Pink17.10.1994
    b1.21bDer rosarote Stern am Comic-Himmel (The End of Superpink)  The End of Superpink
    a1.22aAlles für rosa und rot für alle (All For Pink And Pink For All)  (19.10.1994)All For Pink And Pink For All19.10.1994
    b1.22bDer rosarote Rächer (Service With A Pink Smile)  Service With A Pink Smile
    a1.23aPanthers Traumjob (Trains, Pains, And Panthers)  (26.10.1994)Trains, Pains, And Panthers26.10.1994
    b1.23bDer rosarote Rettungsschwimmer (Wet and Wild Pinky)  Wet and Wild Pinky
    a1.24aDer rosarote Figaro (From Hair To Eternity)  (17.10.1994)From Hair To Eternity17.10.1994
    b1.24bSportheld im Pantherpelz (Strike Flea You’re Out)  Strike Flea You’re Out
    a1.25aAschenputtel-Rosarot (Cinderpink)  (06.11.1994)Cinderpink06.11.1994
    b1.25bDer rosarote Torjäger (It’s A Bird! It’s A Pain! It’s Superfan)  It’s A Bird! It’s A Pain! It’s Superfan
    a1.26aInspektor Panther ermittelt (Who’s Smiling Now?)  (11.12.1994)Who’s Smiling Now?11.12.1994
    b1.26bDer rosarote Minnesänger (Rob ’n Hoodwinked)  Rob ’n Hoodwinked
    a1.27aRosarote Anglerfreuden (Hook Line and Pinker)  (07.01.1995)Hook Line and Pinker07.01.1995
    b1.27bRosaroter Liebesreigen (Valentine Pink)  Valentine Pink
    a1.28aJurassic Panther (Dino Sour Head)  (06.02.1995)Dino Sour Head06.02.1995
    b1.28bMcPanther im Glück (The Luck O’ the Pinkish)  The Luck O’ the Pinkish
    a1.29aInspektor Panther schlägt wieder zu (The Inspector … Not)  (05.03.1995)The Inspector … Not05.03.1995
    b1.29bDas rosarote Golfturnier (Pink Links)  Pink Links
    a1.30aIn rosaroter Mission (Stool Parrot)  (19.04.1995)Stool Parrot19.04.1995
    b1.30bPanther, Schneemann und Co. (Pinky and Slusho)  Pinky and Slusho
    a1.31aPolterpanther (Panthergeist)  (06.10.1995)Panthergeist06.10.1995
    b1.31bSchöne rosarote Welt (Pinky’s Pending Pink Slip)  Pinky’s Pending Pink Slip
    a1.32aDrei rosarote Ferkel (The Three Pink Porkers)  (06.10.1995)The Three Pink Porkers06.10.1995
    b1.32bDer rosarote Kapitän (The Heart of Pinkness)  The Heart of Pinkness
    a1.33aInspektor Panthers größter Fall (The Inspector’s Most Wanted)  (13.10.1995)The Inspector’s Most Wanted13.10.1995
    b1.33bDie rosarote Baumschule (Pinky Appleseed)  Pinky Appleseed
    a1.34aBei Anruf Panther (Calling Dr. Panther)  (13.10.1995)Calling Dr. Panther13.10.1995
    b1.34bKlein, aber Panther (For Those Who Pink Young)  For Those Who Pink Young
    a1.35aDer rosarote Filmstar (Light’s Camera, Voodoo)  (20.10.1995)Light’s Camera, Voodoo20.10.1995
    b1.35bWeihnachtspanther (I’m Dreaming of a Pink Christmas)  I’m Dreaming of a Pink Christmas
    a1.36aRosarote Würstchen (Wiener Takes All)  (20.10.1995)Wiener Takes All20.10.1995
    b1.36bOsterpanther (The Easter Panther)  The Easter Panther
    a1.37aDas rosarote Unterseeboot (The Inspector’s Club)  (27.10.1995)The Inspector’s Club27.10.1995
    b1.37bKönigspanther (A Royal Pain)  A Royal Pain
    a1.38aSchwarz, Weiß, Rosarot (Black and White and Pink All Over)  (27.10.1995)Black and White and Pink All Over27.10.1995
    b1.38bSonne, Strand und Panther (Beach Blanket Pinky)  Beach Blanket Pinky
    a1.39aInspektor Panther auf Gangsterjagd (Digging For Dollars)  (03.11.1995)Digging For Dollars03.11.1995
    b1.39bPinknocchio (Pinknocchio)  Pinknocchio
    a1.40aPanther Ahoi! (Pink Up The River)  (03.11.1995)Pink Up The River03.11.1995
    b1.40bDer rosarote Korsar (Long John Pinky)  Long John Pinky

    a2.01aVon Prinzessinen und Drachen (Muff The Magic Dragon)  (10.11.1995)Muff The Magic Dragon10.11.1995
    b2.01bLasst Blumen sprechen (Pink Thumb)  Pink Thumb
    a2.02aAffentheater (Pinky’s Dilemma)  (10.11.1995)Pinky’s Dilemma10.11.1995
    b2.02bDer Fluch des Vampires (Oh Varkula)  Oh Varkula
    a2.03aDer himmelblaue Phanter (Ice Blue Pink)  (17.11.1995)Ice Blue Pink17.11.1995
    b2.03bDer schreckliche Schnabel (Pink Trek)  Pink Trek
    a2.04aDie Legende von El Pinko (Legend of El Pinko)  (24.11.1995)Legend of El Pinko24.11.1995
    b2.04bRosarot und aufgeblasen (Pink Big)  Pink Big
    a2.05aErik, der Rosarote (Eric the Pink)  (01.12.1995)Eric the Pink01.12.1995
    b2.05bGeld oder Ehe (Pretty and Pink)  Pretty and Pink
    a2.06aDas Panther-Mobil (Built For Speed)  (08.12.1995)Built For Speed08.12.1995
    b2.06bVor die Hunde gegangen (The Pooch and the Panther)  The Pooch and the Panther
    a2.07aPinky im Spielzeugland (Pinky in Toyland)  (05.06.1996)Pinky in Toyland05.06.1996
    b2.07bDer Panther von Oz (Detective of Oz)  Detective of Oz
    a2.08aDer Goldminen-Plan (Royal Canadian Mounted Panther)  (12.06.1996)Royal Canadian Mounted Panther12.06.1996
    b2.08bSuperklempner (Power of Pink)  Power of Pink
    a2.09aRosarot und richtig reich (Lifestyles of the Pink and Famous)  (16.10.1996)Lifestyles of the Pink and Famous16.10.1996
    b2.09bDer Postkutsch-Panther (Happy Trails Pinky)  Happy Trails Pinky
    a2.10aEin tierischer Rockwettbewerb (A Hard Day’s Pink)  (13.11.1996)A Hard Day’s Pink13.11.1996
    b2.10bGeheimagent Rosarot (You Only Pink Twice)  You Only Pink Twice
    a2.11aZigeunerpanther (It’s Just a Gypsy in My Soup)  (14.11.1996)It’s Just a Gypsy in My Soup14.11.1996
    b2.11bEingesaugt (Three Aliens and A Footstool)  Three Aliens and A Footstool
    a2.12aSchatz, wo bist Du ? (Mummy Dearest)  (15.11.1996)Mummy Dearest15.11.1996
    b2.12bHummer oder Hunger (Feast of Famine)  Feast of Famine
    a2.13aDie Alptrauminsel (No Pink is an Island)  (16.11.1996)No Pink is an Island16.11.1996
    b2.13bPinky und das goldene Vlies (Pinky and the Golden Fleece)  Pinky and the Golden Fleece
    a2.14aDas rosarote Rennpferd (Home Stretch Pinky)  (24.11.1996)Home Stretch Pinky24.11.1996
    b2.14bPinky auf Eis (Pink Pucks)  Pink Pucks
    a2.15aAffenzirkus (The Reluctant Ninja)  (16.12.1996)The Reluctant Ninja16.12.1996
    b2.15bAschenpinky (Pantherella)  Pantherella
    a2.16aVierzig Tage Regen (Pink’s Ark)  (16.09.1996)Pink’s Ark16.09.1996
    b2.16bDer Kaugummiknall (Rain or Snow or Pink of Night)  Rain or Snow or Pink of Night
    a2.17aRosarot gegrillt (Pink in the Middle)  (18.01.1996)Pink in the Middle18.01.1996
    b2.17bDer Gefangenenchor (Pink in the Poke)  Pink in the Poke
    a2.18aDer Opernknall (A Nut at the Opera)  (05.08.1996)A Nut at the Opera05.08.1996
    b2.18bMahlzeit! (Hamm-n-Eggz)  Hamm-n-Eggz
    a2.19aWetter-Voodoo (Voodoo Man)  (17.07.1996)Voodoo Man17.07.1996
    b2.19bDie Spielzeugüberraschung (7 Manly Men and the Kid)  7 Manly Men and the Kid
    a2.20aTaxi-Panther (Driving Mr. Pink)  (29.03.1996)Driving Mr. Pink29.03.1996
    b2.20bDie Texas-Kröten (Texas Toads)  Texas Toads
    c2.20cGottes freie Natur (The Ant and the Aardvark)  The Ant and the Aardvark

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