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    • Suzuka Vol. 1
      LOVE IS NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT! Its the eve of his first day as the new kid in class at the big city high school, when Yamato finds himself smitten with the local rising star of track and field. However, any doubts he will ever catch another glimpse of such beauty are promptly squashed when she shows…
    • Suzuka Vol. 2
      Realising he might never amount to more than just a friend, Yamato finally finds it within himself to confess his feelings to Suzuka. But whoever said change is good did not think things completely through! Fazed... okay, temporarily fazed, the young man decides to step up his efforts. And what…
    • Suzuka Vol. 3
      It's the season for all things track and field, with Yasmato's best efforts more falling just shy off the mark...This time on the wrong side of the finish line! And the poor kid's not doing any better in the arena of love, as the race for Suzuka's affection remains heated and the driven hottie's…
    • Suzuka Vol. 4
      Yamato and Honoka are dating... somewhat. For a young man blissfully in love, he sure is spending a lot of time with Suzuka. First getting stranded, then birthday shopping... Already bound and determinded to screw things up on his own, Honoka's gonna be outta there before the starting pistol gets a…


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