Staffel 1

    11.01(Out) (09.04.1971)Out09.04.1971
    21.02(Some Mother’s Sons) (16.04.1971)Some Mother’s Sons16.04.1971
    31.03(Brains) (23.04.1971)Brains23.04.1971
    41.04(Grandee Hotel) (30.04.1971)Grandee Hotel30.04.1971
    51.05(In Deep) (07.05.1971)In Deep07.05.1971
    61.06(Could Do Better) (14.05.1971)Could Do Better14.05.1971
    71.07(Best Mates) (21.05.1971)Best Mates21.05.1971
    81.08(Everybody Loves A Baby) (28.05.1971)Everybody Loves A Baby28.05.1971
    91.09(A Pair Of Charlies) (04.06.1971)A Pair Of Charlies04.06.1971
    101.10(Fiddler On The Hoof: Part 1) (11.06.1971)Fiddler On The Hoof: Part 111.06.1971
    111.11(Fiddler On The Hoof: Part 2) (18.06.1971)Fiddler On The Hoof: Part 218.06.1971
    121.12(Sunset Mansions Or Whatever Happened To Janey Babe?) (25.06.1971)Sunset Mansions Or Whatever Happened To Janey Babe?25.06.1971
    131.13(And In Again) (02.07.1971)And In Again02.07.1971

    Staffel 2

    142.01(Dreaming Of Thee) (21.04.1972)Dreaming Of Thee21.04.1972
    152.02(And The Lord Taketh Away) (28.04.1972)And The Lord Taketh Away28.04.1972
    162.03(Louie The Ring Is Dead And Buried In Kensal Green Cemetery) (05.05.1972)Louie The Ring Is Dead And Buried In Kensal Green Cemetery05.05.1972
    172.04(The Jump-Up Boys) (12.05.1972)The Jump-Up Boys12.05.1972
    182.05(Our Story So Far) (19.05.1972)Our Story So Far19.05.1972
    192.06(Do Me A Favour) (26.05.1972)Do Me A Favour26.05.1972
    202.07(Glory Of Fulham) (02.06.1972)Glory Of Fulham02.06.1972
    212.08(24,000 Ball Point Pens) (09.06.1972)24,000 Ball Point Pens09.06.1972
    222.09(King For A Day) (16.06.1972)King For A Day16.06.1972
    232.10(The Outside Man) (23.06.1972)The Outside Man23.06.1972
    242.11(The Man Outside) (30.06.1972)The Man Outside30.06.1972
    252.12(Brief Encounter) (07.07.1972)Brief Encounter07.07.1972
    262.13(Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run, Run, Run) (14.07.1972)Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run, Run, Run14.07.1972

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