Staffel 1

    11.01 (Guardian Angel)  (07.04.1999)Guardian Angel07.04.1999
    21.02 (A Wasted Fairy Tale)  (14.04.1999)A Wasted Fairy Tale14.04.1999
    31.03 (The Proud Dragon)  (21.04.1999)The Proud Dragon21.04.1999
    41.04 (Lief-Living Ether Flier)  (28.04.1999)Lief-Living Ether Flier28.04.1999
    51.05 (The Rain upon the Stars)  (05.05.1999)The Rain upon the Stars05.05.1999
    61.06 (Crossroads)  (12.05.1999)Crossroads12.05.1999
    71.07 (The Angel and the Fallen Angel)  (19.05.1999)The Angel and the Fallen Angel19.05.1999
    81.08 (My Ship)  (26.05.1999)My Ship26.05.1999
    91.09 (A Pheasant Chooses Its Tree)  (02.06.1999)A Pheasant Chooses Its Tree02.06.1999
    101.10 (The Ones Who Were Left)  (09.06.1999)The Ones Who Were Left09.06.1999
    111.11 (At the Binary Interval)  (16.06.1999)At the Binary Interval16.06.1999
    121.12 (All My Soul)  (23.06.1999)All My Soul23.06.1999
    131.13 (Fragment of An Angel)  (30.06.1999)Fragment of An Angel30.06.1999

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