Staffel 1

    11.01 (Professional Foul)  (15.09.1978)Professional Foul15.09.1978
    21.02 (Exiles)  (28.09.1977)Exiles28.09.1977
    31.03 (Able’s Will)  (05.10.1977)Able’s Will05.10.1977
    41.04 (The Sinking of HMS Victoria)  (12.10.1977)The Sinking of HMS Victoria12.10.1977
    51.05 (True Patriot)  (19.10.1977)True Patriot19.10.1977
    61.06 (Shooting the Chandelier)  (26.10.1977)Shooting the Chandelier26.10.1977
    71.07 (The Kitchen)  (02.11.1977)The Kitchen02.11.1977
    81.08 (Episode 8)  Episode 8
    91.09 (Forgotten Love Songs)  (04.01.1978)Forgotten Love Songs04.01.1978
    101.10 (A Visit from Miss Prothero)  (11.01.1978)A Visit from Miss Prothero11.01.1978
    111.11 (Mr. & Ms. Bureaucrat)  (18.01.1978)Mr. & Ms. Bureaucrat18.01.1978
    121.12 (Foreign Affairs)  (25.01.1978)Foreign Affairs25.01.1978
    131.13 (The Dissolution of Marcus Fleischman)  (01.02.1978)The Dissolution of Marcus Fleischman01.02.1978
    141.14 (The O’Hooligan File)  (08.02.1978)The O’Hooligan File08.02.1978
    151.15 (The Turkey Who Lives on the Hill)  (15.02.1978)The Turkey Who Lives on the Hill15.02.1978
    161.16 (Flayed)  (22.02.1978)Flayed22.02.1978
    171.17 (She Fell Among Thieves)  (01.03.1978)She Fell Among Thieves01.03.1978
    181.18 (Stargazy on Zummerdown)  (15.03.1978)Stargazy on Zummerdown15.03.1978
    191.19 (Liza)  (22.03.1978)Liza22.03.1978
    201.20 (For Tea on Sunday)  (29.03.1978)For Tea on Sunday29.03.1978
    211.21 (When the Actors Come)  (03.05.1978)When the Actors Come03.05.1978
    221.22 (Ice Age)  (17.05.1978)Ice Age17.05.1978
    231.23 (The Copyist)  (24.05.1978)The Copyist24.05.1978

    Staffel 2

    242.01 (Langrishe Go Down)  (20.09.1978)Langrishe Go Down20.09.1978
    252.02 (Fairies)  (27.09.1978)Fairies27.09.1978
    262.03 (Fearless Frank)  (04.10.1978)Fearless Frank04.10.1978
    272.04 (Season 2 Episode 4)  Season 2 Episode 4
    282.05 (Season 2 Episode 5)  Season 2 Episode 5
    292.06 (Season 2 Episode 6)  Season 2 Episode 6
    302.07 (Return Fare)  (01.11.1978)Return Fare01.11.1978
    312.08 (Another Day)  (22.11.1978)Another Day22.11.1978
    322.09 (The Vanishing Army)  (29.11.1978)The Vanishing Army29.11.1978
    332.10 (Night People)  (06.12.1978)Night People06.12.1978
    342.11 (Renoir, My Father)  (13.12.1978)Renoir, My Father13.12.1978
    352.12 (On Giant’s Shoulders)  (28.03.1979)On Giant’s Shoulders28.03.1979
    362.13 (Stepping Out)  (04.04.1979)Stepping Out04.04.1979
    372.14 (A Light That Shines)  (11.04.1979)A Light That Shines11.04.1979
    382.15 (In England’s Green and Pleasant Land)  (16.05.1979)In England’s Green and Pleasant Land16.05.1979

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